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Hank's reaction to the giant blender is priceless. Awesome animation.


It's so crazy i just love it. The inspiration Alvin Earthworm got from this is obvious. Anyway, classic.

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Pretty funny, i liked it.

Excellent game, im speechless.

That's one of the best flash games ever, i dont have any suggestion.
Well, maybe i've got one, you see, i was playing it from the beggining, again so i could get the "3 heart challenge medal" but i wasn't logged in when i got it, now that im in i cant get the medal! i have no life upgrade, i beat some levels and nothing! If anyone have any suggestion...

But well, epic game.

I loved it.

Its Simple, funny, and gets the job done.
its the only real disaster related game i've seen where you dont have to kill people but instead you have to protect them!

Its too simple but if you just wanted a lot of views, it really worked.

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This is just perfect for the game, You know, a game about punk rock, so that's perfect to use a song that resumes punk rock so well, with corruption, world destruction, human hatred and stuff. that just fit perfectly for the game.

I really enjoyed it, but...

Its really good, i really enjoyed but, the voice action in the beggining, its from the kuso miso technique parody, the female version where they use this song and its a crazy yuri instead of an yaoi. i dont speak japanese very well but the "yaranaika" made me remember instantly of that freaking thing.
whenever anyone tell you to read "kuso miso technique" DONT READ!
same goes when anyone tells to watch 2 girls one cup, so DONT WATCH!

Like the one before me said

it really moved me. you know, one of that undescribable feelings, but a good feeling anyway.
It sounded just like one of Mother series's last boss song!

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This show is revolutionary.

oh, your drawings are great too!


Bem loco

Cara você é foda, jaja vc aparece no JÃ* do jeito q ta indo, conseguiu ja se destaca no newgrounds oq é MTO dificil mesmo pros americano mais antigo, eu queria muito ter esse animo pra meche no flash, mais a preguiça fala mais alto, bom, voltando ao seu desenho.
sera que a dona florinda prefere morrer ou perder a vida? e o seu madruga com certesa teria capacidade de fazer isso, ele só ia acumulando td sem responder ai solto td de uma vez, essa vai aparece no plantão.


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