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2011-02-18 09:01:41 by PedroBoh

Please visit my profiles over the internet, they're better than any cat video.
Almost everything is in portuguese, but i hope you guys & girls like it.
Então se vc for BR, é nóis. Boh/

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Watch my animations! they're great!

2010-03-22 20:41:25 by PedroBoh

Well, not at all but im working into a really good animation i bet it will get a great score. Just wait to see it. I can just say its spritey, it dont have ness but it does use sprites.

Thx to Naruto [NU] for making this awesome ness sprites used by everyone. More at

Watch my animations! they're great!

my first post yay! i still CHARGING MAH LAZER though.

2008-11-07 17:39:19 by PedroBoh

well, yesterday (11/06/2008) i was learning about the features of newgrounds account since yesterday i'd submitted my first movie.
so, the page suddenly asked me that: You don't have any news posts. Why not make one now?
I'm very pollyte so i said: of course why not and here it is.
ok thats a flash made desenho (i dont know how to describe that in english lol) inspired by the character "melfice" from the game "grandia II", he powns and is one of the harder bosses in the game, he is such a baddas man... (or woman, since im so pollyte i'll not leave the women behind)
in the background there's a valmar's crest and something that seens to be the simbol that appears when he pwn our party with his demon horde slash (majinken), i wasn't able to find some picture from melfice using his move with high quality so thats it.
I'm slowly working on new movies but i dont know when they will be finished so, thats it, i still CHARGING MAH LAZER!
oh, check the Weges' deviantart page there will have some drawings from my brother Guilherme and my cousin Roberto, and my next animations will be there too, seeya.

my first post yay! i still CHARGING MAH LAZER though.